eat. pray. run.

by David TroforT 

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A Comprehensive Guide To Living a Healthy & Fulfilling Life

Through Food, Faith, and Fitness!


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"Eat. Pray. Run."

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Eat. Pray. Run.

A Comprehensive Guide To Living a Healthy & Fulfilling Life Through Food, Faith, and Fitness!

Mapping out a blueprint for taking control of your holistic health - physically, nutritionally, spiritually - can be a challenge. That's why David Trofort has dedicated himself to writing "Eat. Pray. Run." - the definitive all-in-one guide for mastering your health through mental, spiritual, and physical development. If you feel stuck with your mental and physical health, it's because you either don't have the right information, or you don't act on the information you have. In "Eat. Pray. Run.", author David Trofort lays out a step-by-step system for taking control of your health, and inspired you to take action NOW. Readers will leave inspired, and most importantly, readers will leave with a definitive plan of action.


David Trofort is a dedicated husband, father, musician, educator, and running enthusiast. He has run over a dozen half marathons and and the Chicago Marathon in 2018. A health advocate and motivational speaker, he loves helping others and finds joy in promoting fitness and his faith. Eat Pray Run was inspired in part by an ACL tear replacement in 2009 and his love for food. He lives in Atlanta Georgia and is married to Terra Baker Trofort. They have 3 amazing sons, Nikolas , Myles, and Aaron.

I'm 50 years old, and I'm in better shape today than I was 20 years ago.
- David Trofort

"I don't care how hard life gets, or how dark the days, keep believing and God will turn your mourning into dancing."

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What's in the book?

Chaper 1: The Power of Nutrition

In the chapter "The Power of Nutrition," the author explores the profound impact of nutrition on our overall well-being. The chapter delves into the intricate relationship between diet and health, emphasizing the role of balanced nutrition in preventing chronic diseases and promoting optimal physical and mental functioning. Through compelling evidence and real-life examples, the author highlights the transformative power of a nutritious diet, shedding light on the importance of making informed food choices for a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Chaper 2: Meal Planning

In the chapter "Meal Planning," the author discusses the art of strategically organizing meals to optimize nutrition and simplify daily cooking routines. The chapter offers practical guidance on creating well-balanced meal plans that cater to individual dietary preferences and nutritional goals. It explores various meal planning techniques, such as batch cooking and meal prepping, to save time and ensure a consistent supply of nutritious meals. By emphasizing the importance of thoughtful meal planning, the chapter empowers readers to take control of their eating habits and establish a foundation for long-term health and wellness.

Chaper 3: Mindful Eating

In the chapter "Mindful Eating," the author delves into the concept of conscious and mindful consumption of food. The chapter explores how mindfulness practices can transform our relationship with eating and promote a healthier approach to nourishment. It discusses the benefits of slowing down, savoring each bite, and being fully present during meals, enabling a deeper connection with our bodies' hunger and satiety cues. By cultivating awareness and a non-judgmental attitude towards food, the chapter highlights how mindful eating can lead to improved digestion, better portion control, and a more fulfilling dining experience overall. It encourages readers to bring mindfulness into their daily eating habits to enhance both physical and psychological well-being.

Chaper 4: Spirituality & Health

In the chapter "Spirituality & Health," the author explores the profound impact of spiritual beliefs and practices on overall well-being. The chapter delves into the connection between spirituality and physical, mental, and emotional health, highlighting the role of faith, meditation, and mindfulness in promoting resilience and coping with life's challenges. It discusses the potential benefits of integrating spiritual practices into healthcare settings and emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to health that recognizes the spiritual dimension. By recognizing the profound influence of spirituality on well-being, the chapter encourages readers to explore their own spiritual beliefs and incorporate them into their journey towards optimal health and wholeness.

Chaper 5: Prayer & Meditation

In the chapter "Prayer & Meditation," the author delves into the transformative power of these contemplative practices on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The chapter explores the similarities and differences between prayer and meditation, highlighting their common goal of fostering inner peace, mindfulness, and spiritual connection. It delves into the scientific research supporting the benefits of these practices, such as reduced stress, improved focus, and increased feelings of gratitude and compassion. The chapter offers practical guidance on incorporating prayer and meditation into daily life, emphasizing their potential to enhance overall health, resilience, and spiritual growth.

Chaper 6: Finding Community 

In the chapter "Finding Community," the author explores the vital role of social connections and a sense of belonging in promoting health and well-being. The chapter emphasizes the importance of building meaningful relationships and finding supportive communities that align with one's values and interests. It delves into the benefits of social interaction, such as increased happiness, reduced stress, and improved overall health outcomes. The chapter provides insights on how to cultivate a sense of community through joining clubs, organizations, or engaging in volunteer work, fostering a network of like-minded individuals who can offer support, companionship, and a sense of belonging.

Chaper 7: Fitness & Health

In the chapter "Fitness & Health," the author explores the crucial relationship between physical activity and overall well-being. The chapter delves into the numerous benefits of regular exercise, including improved cardiovascular health, increased strength and flexibility, and enhanced mental well-being. It discusses various types of fitness activities and provides guidance on how to incorporate exercise into daily routines. The chapter also emphasizes the importance of finding enjoyable forms of physical activity to promote long-term adherence and encourages readers to adopt a balanced approach to fitness that includes both aerobic and strength training exercises. Overall, the chapter highlights the profound impact of fitness on our health and underscores the importance of leading an active lifestyle for optimal well-being.

Chaper 8: Running

In the chapter "Running," the author explores the physical and mental benefits of this popular form of exercise. The chapter delves into the cardiovascular advantages of running, such as improved heart health and increased stamina. It discusses the impact of running on weight management and the release of endorphins, leading to enhanced mood and reduced stress. The chapter provides insights on proper running techniques, tips for injury prevention, and guidance on creating personalized training plans. It also highlights the sense of accomplishment and empowerment that running can bring. Overall, the chapter emphasizes running as a versatile and accessible form of exercise that can contribute to overall fitness and well-being.

Chaper 9: Motivation

In the chapter "Motivation," the author explores the driving force behind our actions and the role it plays in achieving health and wellness goals. The chapter delves into various motivational theories and strategies, highlighting the importance of intrinsic motivation and setting meaningful goals. It discusses the power of self-reflection, positive reinforcement, and creating a supportive environment to sustain motivation. The chapter also addresses common obstacles and provides practical tips for overcoming barriers and maintaining long-term motivation. By understanding the factors that influence motivation, the chapter empowers readers to cultivate a resilient mindset and stay committed to their health and wellness journey.

Chaper 10: Love & Work 

In the chapter "Love & Work," the author explores the interconnectedness of love, relationships, and career satisfaction in our overall well-being. The chapter delves into the impact of healthy relationships on our mental and emotional health, emphasizing the importance of nurturing connections with loved ones and cultivating a supportive social network. It also discusses the significance of finding fulfilling work that aligns with our passions and values, highlighting the positive impact it can have on our overall life satisfaction. The chapter provides insights on balancing love and work, managing stress, and finding synergy between personal relationships and professional goals. Overall, it underscores the integral role that love and fulfilling work play in our pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life.
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